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For children with Down's Syndrome

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What is Chattertots?

Chattertots is a speech and language therapy group for pre-school children in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas. The group runs once a week at poppies children's centre in Windsor. Speech and language is one of the biggest hurdles for children with Down's Syndrome. Early speech and language intervention can therefore play a big part in helping children master these essential life skills.

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If you are a parent in the Berkshire or Buckinghamshire areas and would like your son or daughter to join Chattertots please get in touch. We are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you. Chattertots aim to make speech therapy available to all pre-school children with Down's Syndrome in our catchment area.

A great resource for new parents is the Down's Syndrome Association website. Here you will find a wealth of information on many different topics including speech and language.

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Who are Chattertots?

Chattertots has been set up by a group of parents and we are always on the lookout for new members. The group is partly funded by the parents and partly by fund-raising. If you would like to help support Chattertots there are many ways in which you can help. Attending one of our fund-raising events is a great way to show your support and raise awareness. If you have the time why not run your own event. Or if you don't have the time you can still make a difference by donating through Chattertots PayPal account.


A professional speech therapist is provided by Symbol. Symbol (UK) Ltd is a non-profit making organization supported by a charitable Trust. Symbol (UK) Ltd provides services to people with learning disability. Symbol (UK) Ltd has a range of staff including nursing and therapy staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

To find out more information about Symbol (UK) please feel free to visit their website

If you are unable to attend an event and still want to support us you can donate using Chattertots PayPal account or like us on facebook.